Word lists: works in progress

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These ongoing word lists are collected from my own field research, existing reference works and community crowdsourcing.

Please add to these lists by leaving comments!  They are a starting point for the research and recordings I will make alongside native speakers in August, 2016.

word list 1 ideophones

word list 2 anatomy

word list 3 kinship

word list 4 animals

word list 5 weather

word list 6 plants

word list 7 food

word list 8 adjectives

word list 9 verbs

word list 10 haenyeo

word list 11 shamanic terminology

word list 12 grammatical morphemes

word list 13 landforms

word list 14 geography

word list 15 architecture

word list 16 fishing

word list 17 colors

word list 18 numbers

word list 19 Sino-Korean

word list 20 question words

word list 21 classifers

word list 22 idioms

word list 23 clothing/textiles

word list 24 home goods

word list 25 ancestors

word list 26 shapes

word list 27 discourse markers/ exclamations

word list 28 register markers

word list 29 TMA markers

word list 30 illness

word list 31 demonstratives

word list 32 adverbs

word list 33 songs/ chants

word list 34 greetings

word list 35 medicine

word list 36 uncategorized

word list 37 time

word list 38 pronouns




The Author

Moira Saltzman is a doctoral student in linguistics at the University of Michigan. She is currently developing a talking dictionary of Jeju's indigenous language, Jejueo, to promote language revitalization.

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